Maryke & Derrick {koraal, grys en wit}

Personal information:

  • Name of Bride: Maryka Ludick
  • Groom’s Name: Derrick Ludick
  • Date and time of wedding: 29 March 2014 16h00
  • Venue / place of troue: Imperfect Perfection
  • Number of guests: 70

Service Provider Information:

  • Wedding Coordinator: Bride and Family
  • Fotograaf: RDK Photography
  • Bride and bride girl dresses: Chiqwawa
  • Groom a man’s pack: Markhams
  • Blomme : Love and Grace
  • Dekor: Love and Grace and Me…
  • Cake: Imperfect Perfection
  • Catering: Imperfect Perfection

About the wedding couple:

  • How and where did you meet: We met in Matric … I married my best friend!
  • How long did you know each other: It was 9 years before our wedding day
  • How and where did he ask you to marry (or you for him): At our cottage with our fav seafood … ooohhhh and fairy lights
  • The Wedding (from az): It was an awesome daydream together with our family and friends … FAITHFUL, layman, dancing and dancing *
  • Advice for future brides: Forget about what you can’t change … Enjoy every moment
  • The best part of your wedding day: The whole day!