Michelle & Harry {ons perfekte troue}


Persoonlike Inligting

  • Naam van Bruid: Michelle de Campos
  • Naam Van Bruidegom: Harry Kok
  • Datum en Tyd van troue: 12 April 2014 @ 16:00
  • Venue/plek van troue: Usumbara Wedding Venue
  • Aantal gaste: 90


Diensteverskaffer Inligting:

  • Trou Koordineerder: Steven van Usumbara
  • Fotograaf: Pixelicious Photography
  • Bruid en bruidmeisie rokke: Oh My Gosh
  • Bruidegom en mans pakke: Eie en china mall
  • Blomme : Heather Bells
  • Dekor: Venue
  • Koek: Ilze’s Sweet temptations
  • Spyseniering: Venue

Oor die bruidspaar:

  • Hoe en waar het julle ontmoet: It was a cool Thursday evening, I (Michelle) had gone to a friends farewell this evening to say goodbye and have a few drinks. Not really wanting to stand out, I really was tired, I didn’t even bother with makeup. HA poor me.. The music was getting louder, the drinks were flowing freely… And then I saw him, Standing across the room in his almost shocking green T-Shirt, the hottest thing I’d seen. Laughing and joking with his friends. I thought just then and there, he shall be mine! I then had a competition with a friend who had said he looks gay, lol, so here was my Que. I leaned forward and called him over: “hey you, yes you” as he turned around I beckoned him over… (just by the way, he was more than happy to oblige) .. He made an abrubt halt at our table and introduced himself. “Hello, eks handsome Harry” (yes people this was his very words) after a quick giggle and a confirmation of his sexuality, we started chatting, had a few drinks, some from my knees under his legs (NO mom, not what you think, It was a funnel competition, and I just happened to be the champ)… and then swapping numbers…. The rest is history… Or the beginning of our Fairy Tale….


  • Hoe lank het julle mekaar geken: Ons was2 Jaar saam  en 2 Jaar verloof.
  • Hoe en waar het hy jou gevra om te trou (of jy vir hom): Picture a windy Sunday afternoon, everything so peaceful. Harry suggests we go for a picnic, First I say its too cold lets just stay in, but after some persuasion I am very strategically on my way to the dam. After a stop at woollies for some snacks and of coarse nice ice cold wine, we settle down on a very comfy spot and talk and feast and read and laugh.. Looking back it was quite wonderful. Harry pages thru a mag and see a ring on the page and then shows this to me.. “what do you think of this?” .. Me? “well no, its to bulky” we giggle and chat some more. About and hour later we are chatting away and out comes the same page of the same mag… Now I look at him quite weirdly. and he says ” you see this ring? I would NEVER get you a ring like this… ” He catches his breath “instead, I would get you a ring like this:” And out from behind him (BTW, where the hell he was hiding that, I don’t know) Comes this little black box, The moment every little girl dreams of is unfolding in front of my eyes, He opens it and then those magical words I had waited so long to hear, “Michelle de Campos, Will you marry me?” And of course…. my answer “YES, YES I WILL”


  • Die troue (van a-z): Ons het van Januarie 2013 begin beplan en omdat ons ons tyd gevat het en alles mooi beplan het, het NIE een ding skeef geloop nie. Trou Idees hetmy gehelp om die  meeste van my verskaffers te vind. Die dag self was fantasties alles was perfek (en ek grap nie as ek se niks het skeef geloop nie).


  • Raad vir toekomsige bruide: Beplan lekker vroeg en vat jou tyd. Op die dag, probeer ontspan en ‘soak’ dit alles op want dis so so so vinnig verby. En maak seker dat julle betyds fotos neem (voor die son sak).


  • Die beste deel van jul troudag: Die oomblik toe ek my man sien wag vir my by die kansel, trane in die oê, alles was so perfek.