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Bronberrick, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
295 Galway Avenue Centurion Gauteng 0157 ZA

Baker of wedding cakes with sugarart skills, e.g making of sugar roses, St Joseph Lilies, Orchids , succulents etc -Trained by experienced sugarart pastry Chef, Course done in Wedding Cakes (Gillian Pope, pastry chef and sugarart artist)

I do not only do sugarart for my cakes, but specialise in baking cakes that are delicious to eat, e.g. chocolate ganache, carrot cake, vanilla cake, Red Velvet (to die for)

please visit my Facebook page (Best Bakes)-I believe in perfection, so please contact me if you need your cake in time and perfectly done.

Please see chocolate ganache cake with fresh roses I recently baked on my facebook page (three tier cake)as the photo is more than 2 MB and could not be loaded. References available if requested

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