Gauteng, South Africa
38-40 Launceston Road Alberton Gauteng 1449 ZA

We will arrive at your venue 30min before your start time to set up and get everything in order. We just need to be provided with a table, water point and plug, the rest we will bring with. Once the set-up has been done we are ready to brew. The brewmaster will give a short history on beer as well as the basics to beer brewing. He will then explain the whole process that is going to happen and how it should be done. And then the brewing begins. We do a partial mash brew, which can be one of 4 different beers. The beers to choose from is a Pale Ale, Lager, Stout or Pilsner. During the brewing we can provide an additional beer tasting experience. 5 Different local craft beers will be tasted and their main properties will be highlighted. The brewing process takes about 3-4 hours and fermentation about 2 weeks. There is lots of time in between steps to relax and enjoy the company present. Once the beer has been brewed and transferred to the fermenting vessel, the actual brewing is done. The brewmaster will then pack up and take the brew with him where it will then be stored at the optimal temperature for fermentation. After fermentation is completed, the beer will be bottled and labeled with your choice of label(4 standard designs to choose from). The craft beer is then ready for collection or delivery depending on the option chosen.

We offer the following additional services:
Beer tasting
Food and beer pairing
Customized labels at an additional charge
Customized beer glasses (engraved)
Customized Tshirts
Kegging instead of bottling of beer