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Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa
2 Darling Road Malmesbury Western Cape 7299 ZA

I’m a no fuss, plain down to earth type of guy, married to my best friend. I am from all over South Africa, but my roots are in George and Stellenbosch I have a weird sense of humour. My friends and family are all a bit odd (in a good way of course) and that’s why I love them! I will probably do (and make you join me in doing) a bit of bundu bashing on your shoot in order to get that ‘epic’ shot. I love pretty light, laughing, good music, creative geniusness (and also inventing my own words). If my life had to have a musical soundtrack, it would probably be country. I do happy dances when I get a “wow” shot. Admin hates me…and I am not such a big fan of it either. I am happiest when I get to work with people and be creative. I believe I’m blessed to be a blessing to others, and that I am called to something much bigger than myself, not for my glory but for the glory of the Lord. I like lists. Spiders freak me out. Gosh, are you still reading this? Oh…and I babble.

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