Frans Venter street Bloemfontein Free State
Frans Venter street Bloemfontein Free State 9301 ZA

Through my Bloemfontein-based brand, Mudboots, I provide artistic photography services, locally and nationally. Mudboots loves events, a specially weddings.
I love to capture special moments between people: those unforgettable and never-to-be-repeated interactions, in-between staged portraits.

Mudboots uses colours, takes pictures up close and personal, or from far and away, providing you with memories from every angle. Memories for every taste. Mudboots designs photo books for you, or your photographer, and delivers them to the printer of your choice. Mudboots focuses on serving the photographic needs of Bloemfontein, and beyond … a Proudly South African brand.

Plus, I meet all clients in person, before their events, to ensure that the chemistry between camera and client contributes to the capturing of the true essence of your event or wedding.

With today’s technology, anyone can take a nice picture, and make it even prettier with software, afterwards. Trust Mudboots with the key events in your life, whether professional or personal: entrust your visual memories to an artist …