We do both kind of weddings! Afrikaans and English, and even sometimes Afrikaans and English combined. We will communicate with you in the language of your choice.

We play all sorts of music, ranging from the latest Hits, Afrikaanse Langarm, Agtergrond/Background, Dance, POP, Rave, English, Country, Oldies (60’s, 70’s, 80’s), Remixes, It all depends on the type of event

With the internet BOOMING in South Africa we thought moving DJ our event business online is the next step. After filling in our contact form you will receive a quote within a few hours and from there you can…Confirm your event, Sign an online contract, Pay online with your cheque/credit card (you can still make a EFT), You can manage the special songs that needs to be played throughout the night (Also your guest can log in and request some of the songs they would like to hear throughout the evening.) At the end if you do not like their requests you can always delete it 🙂