Wedding Care
It is becoming more and more popular for couples to choose to have children at their wedding. Quite often they can really make the day and give you a nice family feel. To take the pressure off parents we offer a range of services to help make your day as smooth and hassle free as possible, and make the day just as special for the little ones! How we help! We can arrange several babysitters (depending of the number of children) to come along to the wedding venue and whisk the children away for the duration of the wedding. The wedding nanny staff can provide a selection of indoor and outdoor games materials, movies and age appropriate toys. They can also play games and help with meal times, or we can take the children back to the accommodation venue and tuck them into bed and baby-sit while parents carry on and enjoy themselves. You can either add our details into your wedding invitation and guests can organise their requirements directly with us, you can add one of our flyers into the invitations or we can organise a group booking. We are flexible and can offer custom made packages to suit your individual needs.